No side effects! No after effects!!

Only Cleaning & Immunizing the Body!

Celest Herbal Powder

Celest maintains the cholesterol and other lipids in the blood within normal limits.  In addition it removes toxic material deposited in the cells/organs of the body.

Generally persons with a habit of chewing/eating tobaccos have good amount of toxic material deposited in their body, also due to high level of pollution, excessive use of inorganic Fertilizers --- and pesticides a good amount of toxic material may deposit in body, Celest gives very good result in those cases.  Celest is also very helpful in controlling free radicals in the body


Doses and method of ingestion:

Approx. 5 gms. (1 tea spoon) powder, mix it with 1 glass of water (appx. 200 ml), stirred properly and kept the overnight. The water along with the powder must be taken in the morning (With empty stomach. You can take tea, coffee or break fast after 20-30 minutes)

The total treatment may be around 6 to 12 months, depend on the level of cholesterol in the blood. If the cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessel or valves, then continue till the same is removed completely. Once a normal level is maintained, it is advisable to have a treatment of 2 months, once in a year as a preventive measure.



Reduces cholesterol level to normal, maintains it within normal limits and thus prevents heart disease due to high cholesterol

Removes cholesterol from the athero-sclerosed blood vessels and improves supply so all the organs and cells of the body gets adequate blood supply

Practically eliminates possibilities of heart attack due to inadequate blood supply to heart

Prevents blood vessels getting narrowed, thickened and inelastic

Prevents dangerous fluctuations of high blood pressure due to high cholesterol and also prevents heart getting dilated

Keeps all lipoproteins in the blood within normal limits [it does cardio protective changes in all lipoproteins in the blood]

Improves the sense of well being, zeal, enthusiasm and energy level as a whole


Presentation: 150 Gms. In plastic jar


Price US $: 126.00 / INR. 387.00




Cressa Cretica

1 %

Holarrhena antidysenterica

4.5 %

Curcum Carvi

4.5 %

Emblica Ribs

10 %

Rubia cordifolia

20 %

Tinospora cordifolia

20 %

Pterocarpus Marsupium

20 %

Termanalia Arjuna

20 %

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