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Chandramukhi  Herbal Caps

Chandramukhi is made from a combination of herbs under specially developed process, which makes it very effective on any kind of PIMPLES and BLACK SPOTS. It gives very very quick results (a remarkable difference within a week of application). Not only this, it also removes years old hardened pimples and black spots. It can also be used as FACE PACK.


Mode of application:

Take required quantity of Chandramukhi Herbal Powder and mix it with pot water to get creamy medicine. Wash face properly and dry it, apply the creamy medicine covering pimples/ black spots completely and some surrounding area.

[Cream is so prepared - looks like dark brown - like mud on the skin. Once applied – wash it our after 15-20 minutes. (Within two-three minutes after application, it will dry up - but wash the same only after 15-20 minutes).]

Note: Chandramukhi Powder is not effective on the natural black spots, it is remedy for those black spots - which is result of pimples. When a pimple appears on the skin and in the process when the pimple become dry, it leaves behind a mark, and for that back mark/spot - chandramukhi is remedy. For other back spots it got no effects.

Presentation: 15 Gms in plastic Jar

Price US $ 18.00


Wt (%)

Pterocarpus santalivus


Symplucos recemosa


Santalum Album


Inula racemosa


Nelumbo nucifera


Berberis aristata


Myristica fragrans


Termanalia Arjuna







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Composition of Sanjivani Forte Oil!

Cressa Cretica

Berberis aristata

Eclipta alba -karisalankanni in Tamil

Vitex negundo - Nochchi in Tamil

Bacopa monniera

Azadirachta Indica - Neem - Vembu in Tamil