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Oligo Herbal Caps

Oligo Herbal Capsule gives 100 % result in Oligospermia (having low sperm count). In Azoospermia, the success rate is very low.


Oligo is a unique Ayurvedic preparation for increasing the sperm count, sperm motility, improves morphology and quality of semen. It gives very quick results, within 45 days from the start of treatment. And depending upon the present sperm count, the length of treatment decides. But it can be anywhere about 8 to 15 months to reach upto 60 million marks.

Dose: Two Capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the evening (compulsory with milk approx. 200 ml.) (Patient can choose the milk type suitable for him.)

No Side Effect: Oligo herbal capsule doesn't have any side effects or any interaction with any herbs or allopathic medicines. It is totally safe, it can be safely consume by any healthy male.



  •   Capsule is taken with Milk only. With water or any other liquid it gives no result.

If the patient's semen report shows presence of pus cells in considerable amount (more than 5), then a separate treatment for reducing the pus cell will require. (Consult your physician for appropriate antibiotics treatment)



Oligo is not meant for treating Azoospermia. There is very little chances for improvement. However one can try it for 45 days and if there is any improvement then and then only continues the treatment.


No Heavy Metal:

Oligo is a very safe herbal preparation. The product meets the World Health Organization standards for heavy metal contents such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Cadmium.


Each Capsule Contains


(Cressa Cretica)

200 mg

Mineral Pitch

200 mg

Mucuna Prurita

200 mg

Withania Somnifera

100 mg

Asparagus Racemonus

100 mg


100 mg


50 mg


50 mg


Presentation: 30 capsules in plastic jar  

Price US $ 297.00 / INR. 1440.00

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Composition of Sanjivani Forte Oil!

Cressa Cretica

Berberis aristata

Eclipta alba -karisalankanni in Tamil

Vitex negundo - Nochchi in Tamil

Bacopa monniera

Azadirachta Indica - Neem - Vembu in Tamil